An Element of Hope:
Radium and the Response to Cancer in Canada, 1900‑1940

(Toronto and Montreal: McGill-Queen’s Press, 2015)

An element of hope. Radium and the response to cancer in Canada, 1900-1940. Charles Hayter

Tracing the origins, establishment, and early development of cancer programs in Canada, An Element of Hope focuses on the introduction of radium therapy and its effect in raising awareness about the need for public support of cancer treatment. It also discusses the historical roots of current problems in cancer control.

“This is a fascinating and informative study of radium therapy in Canada from 1900 to the Second World War…an important book, one of the few studies of cancer and its treatment in Canada.”

– Maureen Lux, Journal of Canadian Studies

“The subject matter might lend itself to stultifying technical detail with the severe risk of unreadability. Happily, while Hayter certainly provides the detail, he has succeeded in avoiding boring the reader.”

– Charles G. Roland, McMaster University, Journal of the History of Medicine and Allied Sciences

“…the particular genius [is] how An Element of Hope responds to contemporary frustrations with a patient and engaging narrative of a once-sensational cure…this book deserves wide recognition”

– Kenton Kroker, York University, The Canadian Historical Review

Gilbert and Sullivan

(London: Macmillan, 1987)

Gilbert and Sullivan book cover

Building on my Masters research into the non-musical comedies of W.S Gilbert, this book assesses the place of the Gilbert and Sullivan operettas in history of the British theatre, examines six major works, and discusses the working relationship of the librettist and composer.

“A very worthwhile introductory volume…Charles Hayter is a relaxed and shrewd guide to the subject…(he) takes care to place their work in a social and political context as well as a theatrical one”

– Stephen Wyatt, Theatre Research International