During his medical career, Charles authored or co-authored over fifty peer-reviewed articles in medical, scientific, and historical journalson topics ranging from the treatment of prostate cancer to medical education and patients’ information needs.

Historical publications

Isis journal. cover

Among his many noteworthy historical publications is the definitive study of the shoe-fitting fluoroscope (X‑ray machines used in fitting shoes) with his colleague Dr. Jackie Duffin “Baring the Sole: The Rise and Fall of the Shoe-Fitting Floruoscope,”, Isis: An International Review Devoted to the History of Science and its Cultural Influences 91 (2): 260-282, 2000.

Newspaper and magazine articles

Recent: (July 2021): CMAJ Canadian Medical Association Journal: “Marigolds on the CT Scanner”

Heritage Matters. A publication of the Ontario Heritage Trust

He has also published occasional newspaper and magazine articles for general readers in media such as The Globe and MailThe Kingston Whig-Standard, and The Calgary Herald. These short pieces include:

Short stories

His short stories “Last Conveyance” (Honorable Mention, 1990) and “Fatty” (Third Prize, 1991) were recognized in the Writers’ Federation of New Brunswick Literary Competitions. “Fatty” was subsequently published in The Cormorant, Vol. VIII: 2, Fall 1991, 20-24

Full list

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